Ricardo Hooper has worked in management and knows what it takes to run a business. When he decided to change career tracks and explore the real estate field he had a good idea how to do it. Armed with a thorough business plan, he hit the ground running. Ricardo was born and raised in the beautiful island of Jamaica. He then made his residence in Long Island, NY for 19 years. Frequent visits to El Paso captivated his interest in the diverse culture, economic growth and opportunity. However, when most people think of diversity, they usually think about social and demographic backgrounds. But for Ricardo, diversity spans everything from markets, to business specialization to demographics, and this broad definition of diversity has helped him succeed. He sincerely believes in constructing a deep and lasting bond of trust between him and his clients based on superior application of the fundamentals. Experience is nice, but more importantly honesty, integrity and determination are what give him an advantage in this critical part of building a successful referral business